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Religioholics Anonymous Discussion/Dissection Forum

"To hell with fanaticism!!"

Religioholics Anonymous Discussion Forum
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Discussion group on the problem of religious and philosophical extremism in the world.

Religioholics Anonymous is an sometimes-irreverent yet fiercely serious community for the sharing of news, theory, debate and discussion on the problem of religious and philosophical extremism in the modern world (and as a continuation of history in general).

We aim to raise questions and controversies over the nature and validity of personal beliefs and how far they should rightly extend in regards to the rights of others (majority or minority), as well as dredging up some well-informed outrage and activism over the current events and standing situations that impose upon the freedom of the mind and will.

Books and media will be reviewed and recommended (or not), facts examined and fundamental fears and prejudices assailed to their core. We welcome all those who wish to get past the mental filters of rearing and cultural insulation and have some good intellectually stimulating conversation.

Our original group is on Yahoo, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Religioholics_Anonymous