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16 January 2009 @ 07:33 am
Rick Warren literally compares himself to Hitler Youth, Cultural Revolution, Bolsheviks  
The following is from dogemperor  on the dark_christian LJ community...am forwarding widely as requested.  Original post and commentary is here.

The comparisons between dominionists (especially of the Joel's Army variety) and Communist cells and Fifth Columnists may have rather more disturbing similarity than realised.

As it turns out, Bruce Wilson (of NARRT) has uncovered audio of Rick Warren directly comparing himself and his "P.E.A.C.E. Plan" (a plan for "Christian Nationalism" that is in large parts inspired by and in parts directly cribbed from the "Seven Mountains" strategy as promoted by C. Peter Wagner) to not only the Hitlerjugend and the Bolshevik Revolution and Cultural Revolution, but explicitly exhorts his members to be as "zealous" as the Hitler Youth or those hawking Mao's little red book.


Links to more info including transcripts:

From Bruce Wilson:

Original link at Talk to Action (please be sure to recommend on Digg)
DailyKos mirror of above

From myself:

NewsVine (please prioritise for recommends along with Bruce Wilson's Digg link until DailyKos version is posted)
Wild, Wild Left
DailyKos (not up yet, will be posting at about 4pm EST so as to allow the DailyKos link to Bruce's article to get links; those wishing to recommend my version can watch </a></b></a>dk_dogemperor for when it goes live)

PLEASE publicise this info widely.